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What is Volley Futbol?

Volley Futbol is a game comprised of three sports: soccer (futbol), volleyball, and tennis. These three sports make up a fun-filled game for all to play. One net, cones, one size ball, and you are ready play Volley futbol. Playing is easy and you can keep score with your friends, family, or rivals. Challenge yourself and others will different levels of play below. 



This level is for beginners that don't have much control but enjoy the game. This level is played with a size 3, 4, or  5 ball. Premier players juggle less than 100 typically. At this beginning level kids will learn how to get behind the ball, judge the ball correctly, and start juggling with different parts of the body. At the premier level kids will become comfortable with the game and become t learn their personal touch in soccer. This level is important because this begins the confidence of all players and should be the fundamental building blocks for all Volley Futbol players.



This level is for intermediate players. These players can juggle over a 100 but can't juggle over 250. In the advanced level, players play with a size 3 ball. At this intermediate level kids and adults have learned how to get behind the ball, judge the ball correctly, and have become comfortable with their touch on the ball. At the advanced level kids will become increasingly aware of each little touch. These touches are almost perfect and from time to time they make a brilliant combination of control that leads to greater ball consciousness. The advanced level is important because the player exudes confidence in his/her touch and creativity to do bigger and better things starts here in Volley Futbol players.





This level is the top tier of Volley Futbol players. This level is played with a size 1 ball. Elite players juggle 500+ typically. At this expert level kids and adults have perfected the art of the game and play with intense rallies and competitiveness. They enjoy the game and try bicycle kicks, side volleys, and acrobatic play. At the elite level kids and adults push the levels of play to new heights through trying innovative ways to score, protect their box, and have fun. If you watch these players you see the extreme confidence in every touch and they are not scared to try new things to win and score in Volley Futbol.


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