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Welcome to Volley Futbol,


Volley Futbol is the new ultimate futbol (soccer) skills game for the future. This is a fun-filled game for all ages and skill levels that promotes technique and control of the soccer ball. Volley Futbol is great for developing juggling and "first touch" skills. Because the ball bounces in soccer, it is important to be able to quickly control any ball during the game. Volley Futbol will teach many how to get behind the ball instead of poking your leg out and always having a mistouch. It will also create hundreds of quality touch opportunities while the players are having fun. It will effortlessly teach ball judgement (bouncing or in the air), thigh controls, volleys (all types) and proper heading techniques. All competitors will be juggling more and creating better "first touches".Come and join the Volley Futbol world and improve your game today!! There will be tournaments and leagues in your area coming soon so practice hard and get ready to try to be the best in your area.



Volley Futbol Team

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