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Want to Host a Tournament?

Why host a tournament?


Volley Futbol, LLC is going to be the next generation of recreational and tournament competition for soccer players and active soccer adults. Volley Futbol creates a turn key events by running first-class soccer tournaments across the country. We are currently looking for cities to expand into for 2015.


Our goal is to reach as many soccer clubs, recreational clubs, and soccer enthusiasts in the next coming years. Volley Futbol plans to reach hundreds of thousands of soccer players across the globe (9 to Adult). We want to come back year after year with affiliations we approve to host our fun-filled game. Whether you need to raise extra funds or just create a great event for your organization, Volley Futbol can help.


Volley Futbol is a one-day tournament open to teams of all skill levels from ages 9 to adult. Volley Futbol fields are 30 feet by 15 feet. Nets and equipment will be provided for all events. Teams may register for 1v1 (no subs), 2v2 (2 subs allowed), or 3v3 (3 subs allowed) and the cost varies for each team.




Each team is guarenteed at least 4 games, each player will receive a tournament T-shirt and there is no additional fee for referees. In 2015, Volley Futbol will hold the first National Tournament with customized medals. Volley Futbol plans to hold the first ever Volley Futbol Regional Cup in Richmond, Virginia in July 2014.


Volley Futbol Turn-Key Tournaments provide:


  • A Tournament Director and Staff

  • All Official Volley Futbol Tournament Nets and Equipment

  • Tournament set up and breakdown

  • $1 or $2 Million Liability Insurance

  • Marketing materials including flyers, posters, and sample emails.

  • Team Registration and fee processing

  • Schedule the Event and post online

  • Payment and training of referees and assignor

  • Prizes for the event

  • T-shirts for all participants

  • Emergency communication hot line for particpants and event hosts   






Disclaimer: Since Volley Futbol, LLC has exclusive rights by trademark, copyright, and patent through the United States Trademark and Patent office, this game is only offered to clubs we approve. Any other outside affiliations or copies of this game are subject to federal law.

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