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Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the National Volley Futbol League (NVFL) affiliate. In this document you will find information regarding starting a Volley Futbol league in your area or affiliating your (if any) Volley Futbol tournaments play to us. When you build a Volley Futbol event (league or tournament), you can partner with organizations who have built a successful league or plan to do it with your own team.When you are starting something for the first time there is always risk to be taken into consideration. There are advantages to teaming up with other organizations and well as risk factors to these decisions. The purpose of this Volley Futbol affiliation kit is to help guide you in that important decision.




Volley Futbol is the only company in the United States that has created a game on how to control a bouncing ball or a ball out of the air. Since the ball is in the air nearly 40% - 55% of the game, it is imperative to know how to control the ball out of the air. If you believe in a quality “first touch” out of the air is important, which it is, this will help everyone in your area with that technique.Volley Futbol is designed to have repetitive touches out of the air. Kids work on ball judgment, ball control, and developing their own personal touch as a player. These are key tools to the game of soccer and what better way to learn these skills than a game called Volley Futbol.Volley Futbol is safe as well. There is no contact unless the players run into the net or each other from the lack of communication. It basically eliminates all collisions from other players and from other objects. In Volley Futbol, players are not required to wear shin guards. If you or your organization has a passion of thinking outside of the box to develop children in the game of soccer, the National Volley Futbol League (NVFL) is for you.


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