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Volley Futbol is a one-day tournament open to teams of all skill levels from ages 9 to adult. Volley Futbol fields are 30 feet by 15 feet. We typically fit 12 to 18 Volley Futbol fields inside one full-sided soccer field. Nets and equipment will be provided for all events. Teams may register for 1v1 (no subs), 2v2 (2 subs allowed), or 3v3 (3 subs allowed) and the cost varies for each team.


Each team is guarenteed at least 4 games and there is no additional fee for referees. In 2016, Volley Futbol will hold the first National Tournament with customized medals.


Volley Futbol will hold the 3rd Annual Volley Futbol Regional Cup in Richmond, Virginia in 2016

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