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Match Format:

A match consists of the best two out of three games. The first team or player to score 15 points wins each game. Players from each team compete. Three substitutes per match are allowed for each team except for players in a one on one match (No substitutes of course). In a co-ed match, at least one female player must be on the court at any given time. After each game, teams are allowed a 3 minute break and switch sides.



A team does not have to serve or kick-off in order to win a point; the winner of a rally wins a point. Teams are awarded points when the opposing team commits a fault. Examples of faults are hitting the ball outside the court's boundary lines, a player touches the ball with his arm or hand, the ball is hit into the net, the server steps onto the playing field before or during the kick-off and a team has too many touches or bounces before returning the ball.



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